By God’s grace and through the servant hearts and excellent spirit of our leaders, Church Unstoppable continues to be a place where people can know God and pursue their call. 

These resources are available to help you flourish in your leadership role at C.U 

Forms and content are subject to change 


Submit the following forms based on the nature of your request: 

  1. Project Proposal Form (PPF) is used for regular ministry or church activities that involve budget. Prior approval is required before making any purchases. 
  1. Facility Use Request (FUR) is used to reserve building space at CU for events or meetings outside of the regular CU ministry and operations. 
  1. Check Request is used when you need to be reimbursed for an approved church business expense. PEX cardholders should utilize their PEX card for approved purchases. 

Leadership and Ministry Guidelines 

  1. Leadership Agreement  – Members of the leadership team are expected to abide by the rules and regulations as outlined in the leadership agreement form. This document serves as a basis for our doctrinal beliefs, values, and the character standards that a C.U leader must uphold at all times. 
  1. Core Team Guideline – to be completed by the serve team or department leaders. List the core members’ names and their responsibilities. Contact Pastors Andrev or Michaela for any questions.
  2. Ministry Guidelines serves as a “handbook” for they inform volunteers the purpose, procedures, and the values that we uphold in our various serve teams and ministry departments. It is a great tool for training, and re-training volunteers and emerging leaders. The Ministry Guidelines are to be reviewed and updated by each serve team or department leader regularly. These guidelines must be shared with Admin periodically and must be implemented in your respective teams/departments. 

To update, download the Word version of your team or department guideline, and email the revised version to office@churchunstoppable.com. Please use the same fonts, font style to be consistent. If this is a new serve team, please download the Ministry Guideline Template form.

  1. Social Media Guideline – Organizational representation is vital in the health and wellbeing of the church. Leaders are expected to abide by our social media guidelines at all times. 
  1. Breeze ChMS Guideline – Leaders use Breeze to schedule volunteers, communicate with volunteers, plan for events, and more. Refer to this guideline for a step by step tutorial and other resources for using Breeze Church Management System.
  2. PEX Cardholder Agreement – All PEX Cardholders must follow the procedures and requirements as outlined in the PEX Cardholder agreement.
  3. Fast Track Online Curriculum – As a leader, you can now facilitate the Fast Track curriculum one on one especially during off Fast Track season or for immediate on boarding of a volunteer.

Contact Info 

  1. Lead Pastors 

Pastor Andrev Baltazar – revdrev@churchunstoppable.com 

Pastor Michaela Baltazar – michaela@churchunstoppable.com 

  1. Email office@churchunstoppable.com for general inquiries. 
  2. Email marylois@churchunstoppable.com for questions related to budget (Pex, check request, ministry budget, etc.)
  3. CULC related items must be emailed to leadershipcollege@churchunstoppable.com.
  4. CU Central is where we have our sign up links to upcoming events, new guest card, prayer requests,giving, etc. 
  5. CU Website: https://www.churchunstoppable.com/

Monthly leadership development, church events, and important dates are posted. Check this on a regular basis as you plan your team/department activities.